To clean bags yourself is best with special cleaning agents. Before using a cleaner read the instructions carefully. Try it on the inside of the bag or any other part that is not terrible to spoil. If the dirt is not removed by the cleaning agent, it is better to hand over the bag to a dry cleaner. 

From time to time, a bag made of genuine leather should be wiped with a cotton swab dipped in warm water with a small amount of liquid soap. Do not need only to wet the bag strongly, the leather is afraid of moisture.

Never use such 'home remedies" like a mixture of egg white with milk, coffee grounds, onions, lemon juice, orange peel, and especially like vinegar, alcohol, acetone or gasoline.

If you spilled something on the handbag, you should immediately wipe it until the liquid is absorbed. Do not dry wet handbag on heating battery, the leather may become deformed.

Do not touch your handbag after using hand cream, grease stains may remain on it. However, if the stain did appear, in no case do not wash it off with water, simply pat it with a dry soft cloth or a paper napkin. 

If your bag does get a nasty smell, do not banish it with the help of perfume. Instead, try putting into the bag for a night an open pack of baking powder.

Try not to wear light color handbags with denim clothing, as well as with other leather products especially black and red. Dye stains are one of the most difficult to remove.

Before storing the bag, clean it of dust and dirt. To prevent the bag from losing its shape, put unnecessary towels or rags inside. It is dangerous to use newspapers, you can dirty the bag.

Bags should be stored in cotton cloth cases in a place protected from light. Polyethylene bags are not suitable for this, the leather needs air.

As a cover, you can use the usual pillowcase. If you have a lot of bags, it is desirable that each of them freely stood on a shelf or hung on a crossbar.

Remember that proper storage and care of the bag will allow you to significantly extend its life.