For almost 10 years now, we have been producing handbags, purses, cosmetic bags, handbag straps and other accessories for people who, like us, see beauty in simplicity.

The distinctive feature of our brand is the double-strap bag, which can be worn on the shoulder, on the waist, over the shoulder and on two straps at the same time, just like the military. The bag, attached to the straps like a harness, does not interfere at all when you're on the move. Both straps are adjustable in length and can be used as standalone accessories to pull on coats, dresses or shirts.

A large proportion of our bags are produced in limited editions. Each of these bags has a serial number to highlight its uniqueness. We carefully select the leather for each product and most of the sewing is done by hand. We pay special attention to the quality of the metal accessories and observance of production technology.

Our main goal is to create pieces that last and look stylish regardless of the fashion trends. We hope you find the perfect bag you've been looking for.

You may order our products by phone at: +7 903 614 9678. Please note that we do not work on the system "dropshipping" and do not give goods to sell with deferred payment. We sell our products at wholesale prices only on the basis of a supply agreement.

Our details:
ST Chekmareva Nika Alexandrovna
The certificate of registration SP: series 77 №017120371
Registration date: 04/06/2015
Registration authority: Interdistrict IFTS of Moscow №46
PSRNSP 315774600116875
ITN 770605692086
OKPO 0194019012
Checking account 40802810238000169445
At PJSC Sberbank
BIC 044525225
Corresponding account 30101810400000000225