Working with different materials, we tend to give preference to leather. 

Leather products perfectly retain their shape and even the appearance of small scratches do not spoil their appearance. 

They are pleasant to the touch and have their own unique character.

Unlike mass production, all our bags are made by hand and produced in limited editions. 

The quality leather of other colors is a rarity, that's why we do not make bags for order and can not repeat any of the previously released editions again.

Each bag has a serial number, emphasizing its uniqueness. 

The leather is a living material, so even bags of one model may differ in texture, pattern, and color. 

And we really like it. 

It's no secret that many fans of our brand have two or even three bags of CODE: UNIK in their wardrobe.

Do you know why?

Because we really produce ideal bags for all occasions.

Because the devil wears not only PRADA and MICHAEL KORS.

Because CODE: UNIK – it's simple and comfortable.

And the best confirmation of this is your feedback and photos.

Give yourself an ideal bag!