Belt bag CODE:UNIK Compact "Black"

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The bag is suitable for both men and women.

Please note that the waist bags differ in the length of the strap (see detailed description). Specify the strap size you need (S, M, L) as additional information to the order. If you find it difficult to choose a strap, just indicate your height, waist size, and hips.

Belt bag CODE:UNIK Compact "Black" is a belt bag with two zippered compartments

This bag belongs to the basic collection of our leather bags. Only premium-quality leather is selected for the bags in this collection, most of the sewing is done by hand. Basic models are available in renewable series of 5 to 10 pieces.

The bag can be worn around the waist, on the hips or over the shoulder. The simple strap length adjustment system allows it to be adapted to any body size.

Waist strap size:
  • S - waist girth from 78 to 98 cm;
  • M - waist girth from 88 to 119 cm;
  • L - waist girth from 99 to 139 cm.

Strap width: 2.5 cm.

Bag dimensions: 12*31*5.5 cm.

Main compartment: 13 x 22 cm, length of zip: 19 cm.

Additional external compartment: 8*14 cm, length of zip: 14 cm.

Bag material: Nappa leather (Italy).

Bag color: black.

Strap material: Nappa leather (Italy).

Strap color: black.

Metal accessories: nickel (Italy).

Bag weight with strap: 500 g.

Care recommendations: if the bag gets dirty during wear, just wipe it with a slightly damp cloth with a soap solution (something like Fairy). After washing, wipe it dry.

Please note that the colour of the bag in the photo may be slightly different from the actual one. The front of the bag may show natural texture irregularities, small roughness or wrinkles. The imperfect surface is a feature of genuine leather, not a defect.

Don't put it off, buy it now. And if you need an instalment plan, we can help you get one.

Belt bag CODE:UNIK Compact "Black"
Belt bag CODE:UNIK Compact "Black"
Belt bag CODE:UNIK Compact "Black"
Belt bag CODE:UNIK Compact "Black"