CODE: UNIK bags you can meet anywhere in the world. And this is not surprising. The fact is that most of the CODE: UNIK bags are equipped with two straps, and they can be worn on the shoulder, at the waist, over the shoulder, and on two straps at once, as the military does. The bag, fastened to the straps as to the baldric, does not interfere with movement at all. Both straps are adjustable in length and can be used as stand-alone accessories for coats, dresses or shirts.

To manufacture women's bags we use only high-quality materials. The leather from which our handbags are made is treated with special impregnations and has a protective coating, so we leave open slices at the edges"Untreated" edge gives our handbags a little brutality. It is the same decorative element as well as a bare brick wall in the interior of a kitchen.

No less carefully we treat the choice of metal accessories. Most often, these are the holster buttons or the TENAX buttons. Thanks to a very simple and reliable mechanism, these buttons never unfasten themselves spontaneously, but at the same time, they are easy to open and close.

All models are produced in a series of 5 to 15 bags of the same color. Each bag is made by hand and has a unique serial number engraved on the inside. Some models of bags on the inner surface have also embossing, varying from series to series. 

Exclusive handbags of the Avangard series based on K. Malevich's Suprematist painting are released in a single copy. Bags of this series differ in the details of the design and combination of color elements. 

You write to us:

"I do not know how I used to live without your "locker" bag)) Super convenient, thanks, guys!"

"Incredibly stylish and functional accessory! Excellent quality! Thank you!"

"Thanks a lot, this bag just collects all the looks, its color is impossible, absolutely impossible to convey through video and photos, it's so beautiful:)"

"I fell in love with your handbags myself and brought friends – everyone is very satisfied)))) Thank you!"

"The most favorite handbags! They look so small, but they can fit everything you need and more. I'm not giving up!"

"To say that I'm happy with the waist bag is nothing to say!!! I do not know why, but it was the most desired of all that I have from you) Just a bomb! I can wear it with everything and everywhere! For me it's ideal!!!"

"I do not wear any other bags after acquainted with you))"

"I probably will not rest until I buy "locker" bag of all colors :)"

Thank you too for your feedback.