Bag "CODE: UNIK DV Black"

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Dewdrops shine.
But they have a taste of sadness.
Do not forget!

Basho (1644 – 1694)

Excellent bag for every day. And that's it. Circulation of this release  only 7 handbags.

Bag "CODE: UNIK DV "Black" is a ladies handbag with two straps, named after Diana VreelandBoth straps are adjustable in length and can be used as stand-alone accessories for coats, dresses or shirts. Each bag is made by hand and has a unique serial number engraved on the inside. 

Dimensions: 14*22*6 cm
Material: leather with a water-repellent coating (Baltic States)
Color: Black with open slices at the edges
Metal accessories: Nickel

Please note that the color of the bag in the photo may be slightly different from the real one. On the front side of the bag can be seen natural texture irregularities, fine roughness, wrinkles, and other markings. The inside of the bag can be fuzzy. A non-ideal surface is a feature of genuine leather and not its defect.

The bag can be worn:
  • on the shoulder
  • at the waist
  • over the shoulder 
  • on two straps at once
Inside the bag:
  • main compartment: 13 * 14 * 5 cm
  • pocket for money or cards: 6.5 * 12 cm
Shoulder strap:
  • width: 2 cm
  • adjustable length: from 95 to 128 cm
Waist strap:
  • width: 2 cm
  • adjustable length: from 57 to 93 cm

Side pockets: 11 * 4.5 cm

All our bags, except for bags of black color, are produced in limited editions. The high-quality leather of other colors is a rarity, therefore we do not make bags to order and can not repeat any of the previously released series again.

Bag "CODE: UNIK DV Black"
Bag "CODE: UNIK DV Black"