Cosmetic bag CODE:UNIK "Burgundy"

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This noble and aristocratic colour, which has become a hit of recent fashion seasons, carries the strongest energy. It does not have the ordinariness of neutral colours or the challenge of bright shades, but it has an ineffable charm and hidden passion.

The strap is available separately. Please contact us on WhatsApp or Telegram +79036149678 to pick up a strap.

Cosmetic bag CODE: UNIK "Burgundy" is small, elegant and versatile at the same time. In addition to its direct function, it can also be used as a clutch, purse, eylet, pencil case or smartphone bag (it fits the iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone 13 ProMax). And if you strap it on, you can also wear it as a crossbody over your shoulder! 

Includes a convenient loop handle with carabiner. 
Handle colour: black. 
Material: genuine leather.

Dimensions: 22*10 cm
Length of zip: 17 cm
Material: genuine leather (Italiy) 
Color: burgundy
Metal accessories: Nickel

Please note that the color of the bag in the photo may be slightly different from the real one. On the front side of the bag can be seen natural texture irregularities, fine roughness, wrinkles, and other markings. The inside of the bag can be fuzzy. "Non-ideal" surface is a feature of genuine leather and not its defect.

All our bags, except for bags of black color, are produced in limited editions. We specifically select the leather for each bag, most operations are performed manually. The leather is a living material, so even bags of one model may differ in texture, pattern, and color, not to mention those from different series.

Don't put it off, buy it now. And if you need an instalment plan, we can help you get one.

Cosmetic bag CODE:UNIK "Burgundy"
Cosmetic bag CODE:UNIK "Burgundy"
Cosmetic bag CODE:UNIK "Burgundy"
Cosmetic bag CODE:UNIK "Burgundy"
Cosmetic bag CODE:UNIK "Burgundy"