Bag CODE: UNIK Mini "Brown and Black"

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In this small handbag, we've combined two classic leather colours -  light brown and black. You'll have no trouble fitting it into your wardrobe.

Bag CODE: UNIK Mini is a small, elegant and very comfortable women's handbag with two straps, accommodating all the most necessary. Both straps are adjustable in length and can be used as stand-alone accessories for coats, dresses or shirts. 

The CODE: UNIK Mini belongs to the It-bag category  exclusive designer bags in genuine leather in rare hues, produced in series of 2 to 10 pieces of the same colour. The Avangard bags are made in a single copy. They differ in detail design and combination of colour elements. Most sewing operations are done by hand. Each bag has a unique serial number engraved on the inside flap. 

A distinctive feature of our brand is the double-strap bag, so it can be carried on the shoulder, on the belt, over the shoulder and on two straps simultaneously, just like a military bag. The bag, attached to two straps like a harness, doesn't obstruct your movement at all. Both straps are adjustable in length and can be used as standalone accessories for fitting coats, dresses or shirts.

Dimensions: 17*11*6,5 cm
Material: genuine leather with a finish coating (Baltics)
Color: light brown and black with painted cuts around the edges  
Metal accessories: Nickel

The bag can be worn:
  • on the shoulder
  • at the waist
  • over the shoulder 
  • on two straps at once
Shoulder strap:
  • width: 1 cm
  • adjustable length: from 95 to 136 cm
Waist strap:
  • width: 1 cm
  • adjustable length: from 55 to 91 cm

Inside the bag has two compartments: 16*8,5*2,5 cm (fits iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone 13 ProMax).

On the back of the bag, there are two belt loops width 4 cm. In them, you can pass a belt and wear the bag on the hips or waist.

Please note that the color of the bag in the photo may be slightly different from the real one. On the front side of the bag can be seen natural texture irregularities, fine roughness, wrinkles, and other markings. The inside of the bag can be fuzzy. Non-ideal surface is a feature of genuine leather and not its defect.

Don't put it off, buy it now. And if you need an instalment plan, we can help you get one.

Bag CODE: UNIK Mini "Brown and Black"
Bag CODE: UNIK Mini "Brown and Black"
Bag CODE: UNIK Mini "Brown and Black"
Bag CODE: UNIK Mini "Brown and Black"